Using ancient wisdom through modern solutions, to bring your health back to balance the natural way through easy to implement diet & lifestyle choices! 

"When you make a commitment to yourself, to be the best that you can be, to free your mind of limitations, there is NOTHING you cannot do!" - Shameela 

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        My goal is to EMPOWER children and adults to enable them to live in abundance in all areas of their lives!

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Learn how to incorporate easy diet and lifestyle choices and take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing! 

When you make a commitment to yourself, to be the best that you can be, to free your mind of limitations, there is nothing you cannot do!

Shameela Khambhaita
Founder & Director


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“I finally hit a breaking point with my weight. From my very first meeting with Shameela, I thought, this lady knows and lives by her beliefs.   I thought I knew what I needed to do and eat to be healthy, I just need somebody to hold me accountable.” I was wrong. My whole life, I subscribed to the low-fat, low-calorie, and diet-this and that lifestyle.  I felt defeated and out of ideas and that’s when I reached out to Shameela through a very good friend of mine who was also seeing her. I lost more weight than I ever had and looked terrific. I can truly say I’m refreshed, a new me. Nutrition, using my body type foods together with the fresh food cooking style isn’t something that defeats me anymore, and my image isn’t something I spend hours worrying about. This isn’t a temporary program, or a one-time fix. It’s a learning experience that results in a fulfilled, healthy, and happy lifestyle. I want to thank Shameela for being awesome, supportive, and innovative. I can’t wait for others to discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through real food, and encourage them to reach out to Shameela like I did”. – Cathy 

"Meeting Shameela made me feel relaxed and at complete ease. From the get go she knew me, what was going on and what needed to change. After my consult I felt refreshed and rejuvenated to change for the first time in a long time. Shameela gave me the fire I needed to focus on me. Her background and Ayurvedic knowledge is used differently for each person but doesn't change the amazing work that she does do. Thanks Shameela for giving me fire to change! “- Janelle Crane

“Just wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing outcome of your sessions. I am impressed with the entire process. Your professionalism and approach is comforting and encouraging. Your healing sessions are relaxing and my experience has been completely rejuvenating. You readings of me have been a genuine guide and accurate to the related situations I have confronted you with. Your professional approach is a reflection of the amazing work you do. You understand me as an individual and connect with my energy. Thank you for your ongoing support.” - Marisa

Shameela S Khambhaita, is the Founder and Director of Subconscious Health & Beyond, WINGS Children's Learning Sanctuary, Cherub VEDA Coaching for Kids, the Transform VEDA Program and the I-AM-VEDA Holistic Health Professionals Business Start Mentorship. 

As an EMPOWERMENT Coach, International Holistic Educational Consultant (Ayurveda), Inspirational Public Speaker and all round energetic motivator, Shameela is referred to by her amazing clients as a "one stop shop for all"!

After over 23 years in the clinical trial and research world, with an Honours degree in Pharmacology, Shameela has integrated her medical and scientific experience and knowledge, in conjunction with her professional training in Ayurveda, Mind Therapy, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching, Neuroscience and Children's Education & Care to EMPOWER children and adults to live their lives with purpose, passion and integrity.

On 26th January 2013 she independently registered her 1st business Cherub VEDA (coaching for kids), subsequently developed the Transform VEDA Program (body - mind transformation), registered Subconscious Health & Beyond and then launched the I-AM-VEDA Holistic Business Start Mentorship and WINGS Children's Learning Sanctuary to work towards her mission to empower anyone ready to take responsibility for their lives.

The services Shameela provides to her clients have been developed as a combination of her vast education, years of independent research and life experiences, having been able to overcome childhood neglect and depression, sexual abuse in her teens, weight and body image issues, losing her father to suicide, walking away from a destructive marriage, plus undertaking a number of additional courses and training to pursue her life dreams.

As an Inspirational Public Speaker, Shameela spends a significant amount of time sharing her knowledge and teachings of the ancient wisdom
through global media talks, presentations, conferences, symposiums, community events, workshops and seminars across Australia and beyond. 

Shameela is committed to empowering and inspiring as many people as possible based on her own personal health transformative journey and invites you to connect with her today to reclaim your force and independence towards taking responsibility for yourself, your life and your health.

                            Contact Shameela today for a confidential discussion by calling +61(0) 458 365 927